Tears fall as I think of why

We let so many toxins enter

Our heavenly temples

Toxins of the world that seem to bring

Us a devilish joy…but what is evil can only be good,

Or is it that what is evil is bad

You see there has been so many theories

So many making judgments of their own

That no one can clearly see all of the joys that the

Devil seems to bring you and me

But really you see that all the things you feel

As joys aren’t real…from what is evil you see

Brings nothing that is good for you or me

But the world is filled with so many pleasures

How could a pleasure be so wrong

When we tilt the bottle back

And take it to the dome?

You see how could such pleasures you see

That seems to be greener and more pure

Than the whites of the rocks that seem to

Powdery cloud our judgments with thoughts

Of heavenly, yeah exactly because there’s no

Other way to describe me…heavenly joys of

A high that has to be Godly…but you see it’s all

The joys that the devil brings you and me

Why is it that blame shoots from one to the next

When all it is that we want to feel is the joys

That the devil brings so near

Oh the flesh and the taste of the touch that our

Minds and bodies lust but again you see

It’s all that we decide to let the devil insert in you

And me and then the tears again begin to fall

When we realize that pain we’ve caused

But oh the joys seem so much greater

Than any pain caused…the attitude is

We’ll get over it and be triumphant against

The human kind, but as desires remain

Strong and the cloudiness of all the lust and

Worldliness sink in we get stuck in a trap

Set by all the joys the devil brings us near

So you see you gotta be clear when accepting

That first hit of what the devil bring near

Because I assure you his actions will never

Be clear



© October 5, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11

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