Place time space, it all cannot be stopped with haste

Of an office that I attempt to learn and advance into skills that will unfold

Employment needed but not superceded, to what I can achieve as just me

My place of employment creates strains that should not be set upon someone my age

A career it’s not but so many sit here like that’s all their future’s got

And the end is never coming near, then it becomes to late to steer away from

Destruction for atrocities that one can only imagine

Illegal and unjust to all of mankind

Debt collection not my title but it’s in my space and time…

They call it legal case management but a liaison is all that comes to mind,

Between debt collectors unlicensed and overly compensated for a job well done,

I stand talking to attorney’s, which is what I’ll one day be,

But I’m over whelmed with all that tries to conquer me

A certificate really, you claim to be better than mine

But your certificate I tell you will keep you in the rear of the line,

Remember my words as they come out bold

That this job is just a job and my career is a dream and a real goal

Underpaid, unappreciated, undervalued and so much more

You claim a review but it still goes untold,

4 months pass, six months creep upon

and you turn your shoulder to see that this is not what’s to be come of me,

2 weeks notice probably not from me,

1 week notice I don’t know maybe we’ll see,

however an hour notice is probably a little more likely…

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