Pain of Rejection

The fear, it’s so near

When rejection, becomes clear

Just friends you see,

is what you said you only

Want to be with me,

It’s rejection you see

That has taken hold of me

So free I use to be

When it came to doing things

so simple as a push of a button

or two use to connect me to you

nervous before for not wanting to

quickly become a bore

but now the reasons are so much more

before I felt adored

at ease you see

when it came to you and me

a future was bright before that un-fore-saken flight

it slowed down and grab a hold

now the connection has become nulled

because it’s clear to me

the rejection you see

that’s now in place

when it comes to you and me

© August 29th, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11


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