Musically Inclined

As I let the music run through my veins

I feel no pain

And I wonder what was being felt

When this piece of work was created

For all of those who listen

As the words come out

Where is my shadow?

What is if of me that connects me to you?

Where are you

Do you feel what I feel?

As my eyes remain closed and I feel

All the vibrations from the music through my fingers and my toes

I remain in a closed

Yet opened state of mind

Considering all the


That have begun to unfold for me

Whether it is me a lone

Or me with who ever you are

I see so much spiritually free

Blessed not ever cursed

Remarkably gifted by

God’s graces and remaining captive

To the unknowingness of my mind

As the words that vibrated through my ears scream at me

That they feel shadowless

I wonder if I could ever feel so not of my self

When the reality of the situation is that I may at times feel as though I am not my own

But my shadow remains and I grab hold of it and all its

Natural right and claim it! Daring it to leave me and feel free…never could I be

Shadowless, you see?



© October 5, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11


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