Mental Strain

My mind attacks with every thought

Right matches left, my heart comes next two you

My left nine times from the next

I can’t help but to battle out what

Three kings left, me, zero times before

I think I’m so sure, but it’s al just words

Feelings generated by what we see

Things we desire magnified twenty-five times to come

But all my brain can think is right matches left

Shake it off

Think past it, let it sub-side, don’t remove your pride

Get it two gether, get your mind back on track

Don’t falter on things that could be,

Be sure, know what’s to come

Open the gates of communication

And remain on track together, but so far apart

My mind to hard, strained with desires matched with the unknown

So much more to learn, but as time depends

He’s slower to see the connection

My mind matches right to left!

© July 14th, 2005

Devine Interventions 7:11

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