Life, Love, Happiness

The current atmosphere

Is so unclear, fogged

With memories of

Unique and unforgettable

Happiness, terms of

Endearment, I miss you,

I really like you

That turns into I love

You, words become

Un-cherished and lost

Never said again and


The scene remains unchanged

As your words stand strong

And your actions crumble

All I ever wanted was

True happiness a life

Time of love that would

Never die, but instead

I got you…you loved

You lost love, you left me for another

That claimed your love

You turned around to

Back track and I hesitantly

Accepted you back with

Open arms

But instead of

Remaining faithful

And true you once

Again turned your

Back on what was

Once again becoming

Of me and you

This time like the

Last it didn’t work

Out, your heart is

Mine and that’s

Where it will stay

I am your one

True love, even though

You’ve failed to realize

The prize I’d given

You of standing by

Your side. I’ll be

The only one to give

You the unconditional

Love you feel from

Me to you. But

Unfortunately you’re

Too blinded and

Used to playing the fool that you’re missing

Out on a precious jewel


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